At St Mary’s we love the energy and uniqueness of small children. It is this inherent love of children that led us to develop a program committed to laying the foundations that will provide children with a wonderful platform for lifelong learning.

Our program aims to promote the development of a child who has the attributes of inventiveness, curiosity, persistence, engagement, reasoning, problem solving, responsibility, imagination and creativity.


logo-prepEach classroom has a fully qualified, registered Early Childhood Teacher with Teacher Aide support. With their professional knowledge and expertise, these teachers are ideally qualified to nurture children through their Preparatory year of schooling.

The Preparatory students at St Mary’s are very fortunate because they also benefit from the specialist teachers who work across our campus. Children participate in 2 specialist lessons each week (HPE and Music) as well as a visit to our library. These lessons are taught by specialist teachers and are an extremely important part of our program.

Our Prep programs consists of a balance of investigation or exploration, guided instruction, and explicit teaching. The children are given many opportunities to investigate and explore. The experiences offered allow children to build on their existing knowledge, create and clarify their own new understandings, and experience a variety of approaches to a problem or question.

The first four areas of the Australian Curriculum have been written with the intention that they are taught to all students in each year of schooling from Prep to Year 7. The Preparatory staff at St Mary’s have embraced the new Australian Currriculum and deliver regularly a rigourous academic program. They engage in Professional Development programs and ensure they are kept abreast of all new Curriculum intiatives.

Our Prep classrooms consist of an open space for group and individual activities and a carpeted area for storytelling, singing and group games. Each classroom is rich in learning stimulus, and has access to a kitchen and preparation area. Direct access to bathrooms and an outdoor learning environment is also provided.

St Mary’s offers our Preparatory students multiple opportunities to access a variety of facilities across the school, including purpose-built Music rooms, Technology Labs, the Junior Resource Centre and sporting facilities.

Excursions / Incursions

We include excursions as a valuable part of the program. Incursions are also a feature of the program. Excursions and incursions will provide enjoyment, stimulation, challenge, new experiences and a meeting point with the wider community.

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