The Early Years caters for students from Year 1 to Year 4. This unique structure enables the educational programs to be implemented in a developmentally appropriate manner, with a genuine early childhood philosophy and approach being upheld by all our staff.

Working as co-operative teams, the staff work to ensure the experiences and events being implemented on a daily basis are exciting, challenging and rewarding for the students.

What your child will learn

In planning units of work, the teachers have embraced an integrated approach to teaching and learning, resulting in the curriculum content being driven by experiences that are continuously integrated rather than the 8 Key Learning Areas being taught as separate entities. Such integration is managed through exciting themes that are unique to each year level and change with each new school term.

In addition to the programs being implemented by each classroom teacher, the students also have specialist lessons each week including Health and Physical Education, Music and Technology. These lessons are taught by teachers who are specialists in each of these areas, thus developing the skill base in these subject areas from a much younger age.

Special Events

Throughout the academic year, staff also plan and implement events that involve the Early Years students as a whole. Such events include: Grandparents’ Day, Sports Carnival, Under Eights Week activities and Book Week Bonanza. Such events provide the children with a wonderful opportunity to interact with their friends and siblings in other year levels in the Early Years.

Parent Feedback & Involvement

We welcome parents to assist in the classroom regularly. Regular feedback to parents plays a vital role in the Early Years. This is achieved through a variety of formats including verbal feedback, communication books which are sent home daily, parent-teacher interviews and formal reporting. Parents are warmly welcomed into the Early Years classrooms at any time and many parents enjoy the opportunity to assist in the classrooms on a regular basis.

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