About Us

1.3 Mission Statement      

Guided by the gospel values of Jesus, St Mary’s Catholic Primary School aspires to:

  •      • Provide a balanced education that will shape and enrich our children.
  •      • Nurture a caring family environment
  •      • Strengthen the relationship between home, school and parish.

..so that our students, inspired by knowledge and love may become respectful stewards of God’s creation.


1.4      Badge and Motto

JustLogoBadge:            Cross embedded in embracing hearts representing Mary and child.

Motto:              Knowledge and Love


1.5       Resorative Practices at St Mary’s

Our vision is that the St Mary’s School community is infused with the compassion of our founders Nano Nagle and Catherine MacAuley.  Conflict is a part of life and relationships. How we respond to conflict is what sets us apart as followers of Christ.  As a School, we are committed to sharing with our students a  Restorative Practices model to show them that broken relationships can be healed and that the Gospel calls each one of us to use our gifts to find that healing.  This initiative will affect students both in their experience of how unacceptable behaviors are managed at St Mary’s and also in what is expected of them.  As they grow, they will be asked to deepen their personal reflection and to live the Gospel values to which this community is committed.

Restorative Practices is directed to the wellbeing of the whole school community.  The community needs all parents and families, the Catholic Parish of Bundaberg and all staff and assistants to support its implementation.  A commitment to Restorative Practices is a practical means available to all of us to live the Gospel values.

1.6       School Charism

This school’s charism is strongly influenced by 3 significant persons.

  • • Catherine McAuley, founder of the Sisters of Mercy
  • • Nano Nagle, founder of the Presentation Sisters
  • • Fr Tim Murphy, Parish Priest who established St Mary’s School

These people lived lives guided by the gospel values. They were driven by their belief that Catholic education provided children opportunities that would improve their lives and the lives of others. We too are driven by this belief.


1.7       St Mary’s Way

Our Mission Statement overarches all we do. St Mary’s Way, gives members of our community and those who want to be a part of it, an idea of how we live this statement. It also draws on our school motto and charisms of Nagle, McAuley and Murphy.

This statement has been simplified so that the student can relate it easily to how they are expected to live at St Mary’s

ST MARY’S WAY – Child’s Statement

Learning with each other

  • • We pray
  • • We are calm
  • • We meditate
  • • We tell the truth
  • • We talk and listen to each other with respect

ST MARY’S WAY – Adult Statement

Inspired by Knowledge and Love, our school is dedicated to learning and to being a Gospel-centred community through our St Mary’s Way.

  • • We praise God together in liturgy, prayer and the celebration of the Eucharist
  • • We nurture calmness in our words and actions for learning in the classroom, for peace within ourselves and safety in the school
  • • We practice meditation every day in our classrooms
  • • We confront untruthfulness and value honesty
  • • We use a restorative approach to resolving conflict and to improve our relationships
  • • We all contribute to building harmony through regular classroom discussions.
  • • Nano Nagle challenges us to live our beliefs “Not   Words but Deeds”
  • • Catherine MacAuley challenges us to honour God’s mercy in how we live our own lives

NanoNagle CatherineMacAuley Mary






“May the various differences among us enable us to meet our God in a new place, to understand God’s Mercy with new insight, to be agents of God’s hospitality among those who need it most with new convictions”

We are a community inspired to be different – to live the St Mary’s Way.


1.7       Brief History

St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School situated on Frank Gilbert Drive, South Bundaberg, represents the latest stage of development which had its origins in 1952. In that year St. Mary’s was established in Barolin Street to serve the newly proclaimed parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The Sisters of Mercy began this school on the 27th January 1952. In 1959 Holy Spirit School was established on Elliott Heads Road. The Presentation Sisters began this school.

Both of these schools existed as separate schools serving the needs of the parish until 1982. In that year they amalgamated under one Principal, but remained on separate sites. The former Holy Spirit became known as St. Mary’s Junior School and the former St. Mary’s became known as St. Mary’s Senior School.

In 1994 both sites closed and the whole school re-located to new premises on the present site on Frank Gilbert Drive.

The school is situated on 22 acres in well tended grounds nestled in a modern estate and close to farm land.

It continues to offer an education based on the Gospel values and the charisms of Nagle, McAuley & Murphy.


1.8      School Houses

The students are divided into 3 houses – Nagle (blue), McAuley (red) and Murphy (yellow).  In these teams they particpate in sporting, pastoral and celebratory activities.


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